Friday, August 29, 2008

surrogate nesting

i just realized that in the absence of an actual place of my own, i am going overboard on trying to nest in spite of this lack. i'm skipping a party right now to read design magazines (and maybe watch a movie) in my sublet alone, while all of my housemates are out in various places. i would feel extremely lame if this weren't a massive improvement over the past four fridays, on which occasions i've simply fallen asleep for a good sixteen hours to recoup after the exhaustion of the week.

in other, more positive news, it turns out we have a full woodshop and a ton of space at work (duh!) so my couch reupholstery can take place there! this means i don't have to buy any tools or do anything; what i mainly need to do is tell machine shop ron what size staples i need and bring in some fabric and paint. i may have mentioned that i love my job and everyone i work with, but just in case that wasn't clear: i love that place.

also! we are moving to a different space in the building - one that is three stories tall with an actual glass ceiling. i am not even going to pretend to want to break that one (as a fancy secretary), because this means i will have direct sunlight at my desk all winter long. i had some serious seasonal affective issues the last time i lived outside of florida, so that goes a long way towards easing my mind. (and yes, i was already decorating my new space in my mind. HAVE TO MOVE.)

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