Saturday, August 23, 2008

buying freeze?

and at the worst possible time, too - EVERYONE is moving out and i could harvest their old shit like nobody's business right now. but i've been spread so thin lately that it's been hard to motivate myself to look for couches and things on craigslist and then find a place to store them for a month: that just makes me even more anxious to move in and get started!

the lovely keyse has been holding down her end by keeping me psyched about the random and amazing shit that people sell out of their homes on the internet. but although this is the time when i have probably the most buying power i am going to have this year (my rent is paid through november first - damn), so my paychecks are entirely mine right now, i am kind of overwhelmed by all of the potential places to spend money and underwhelmed by the selection.

this is not to say there isn't some great stuff out there (um: really?)

i am in love!

but the thing is, i need a couch and some furnishings that are hawaiian funky and space age chic without having to spend a jillion dollars. plus i am so overall stressed that one of the things on my list of things to do tomorrow morning is: "make a list of everything that is stressing you out." holding it down is about all i can handle.

so i am dreaming of end tables, mirrors, sewing cabinets, antique radios, floor lamps and the perfect bedside table, but the largest thing i've been able to commit to since the sofa has been a seven dollar pot. i am putting the begonia i inherited at work in it, and maybe i will work up the guts to bring it home with me one day. maybe.


Keyse said...

the perfect bedside table...the hardest thing to find! The moving and settling down process is overwhelming. As I was stressing out my best friend said "you don’t have to do it all at once." Of course I knew that but I had forgotten in the process of CL searches and unpacking….I felt like he was dropping some amazing brilliant knowledge on me and I seriously calmed down for a bit.

adwoa said...

i know... what i am trying to do is make a list of what i absolutely need to move in. last time i moved, i made the mistake of moving with literally a bed and two couches, period. i drove myself crazy living out of boxes and typing on the floor (um - this was before i had a laptop!), so i rushed out and got caught up buying things like a dresser, a desk, etc.

i am trying to pick up kind of the organizational basics this month (a dresser, a desk, at least one table in the entire apartment...) and i will try to let the rest come more organically.