Sunday, August 24, 2008


this is a random opinion poll. i am firing my magazine subscriptions back up, and i am not sure what to subscribe to! good features and articles are important, but also a crazy attention to color and layout, because these are the same magazines i am going to be cannibalizing for my inspiration wall.

i have sorely missed bust since i left for portugal and am REALLY excited to get it back. and domino's features (namely everything that is cheap) are pretty encouraging. but what else? i kind of hated ready made's book, but the magazine is a genius idea (in theory). there was a book i LOVED put out by a magazine that folded, i think, with a title that had something to do with a budget and having good taste.

i love lucky magazine's books (they made my job as a stylist much easier, but will i love their magazine?) and i have a secret love for real simple that verges on obsession even though i am totally not their target demographic (i don't have kids); i would read it on the sly when i babysat.

so: good pictures? amusing writing? what do you read? any thoughts welcome! tomorrow i think i am going to the coop to browse the selection and see what feels like a keeper.

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Keyse said...

I have a hard time throwing out magazines so I try not to subscribe to a bunch. As a result I sometimes buy Domino and Dwell. At home I get the New Yorker, Vogue (I really don’t know why), and Nylon (had a free subscription for a year). I used to get Bust and W...oh, Interview was also pretty good.