Friday, August 15, 2008

dear craigslist: $50 = nice for the price

i seem to be turning into the queen of fifty dollar sofas.

when i scored an amazing vintage settee in newton for fifty bucks, i thought it was a fluke. but when i saw an entire french provincial sectional listed for fifty bucks, i was sure there must be a corpse stuffed in among the springs in pieces; why else would you be that eager to get rid of such a fabulous couch on the cheap?

of course, this particular couch has been a bit of a fiasco: a hellbent cab ride to pay for it in medford before someone else bought it, followed by late fees for the ensuing ziptruck and the actual rental fee itself. with situational inflation, it is totally a $135 couch before i've even picked out new fabric. WHICH IS STILL THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY, if not quite as deeply mentally satisfying.

it has to be said that my new sectional is a violent shade of orange, and that this, along with its dark brown wood edging, makes it look like it was savaged at length by the entire decade of the seventies. but beyond that, it has BEAUTIFUL lines. i am dreaming of it in a popping shade of peacock blue with lime green, sky blue or chocolate brown edging ribbon and spray gold wooden parts, and the effects is two parts audacious to one part chic. here is a vision of one man's trash and my new treasure:

coming soon, if you live in harvard square, to a living room near you.

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Keyse said...

Wow, this is lovely. Will you do the work on it? Peakcock blue sounds very glam!