Thursday, August 28, 2008


so i went out monday night and rocked my shit at the harvard coop, just before it closed. i picked up:

domino (super excited about it! that cover alone...)

real simple (i cave; i love it - although i have to say that i find it ironic that the url displayed when you look at their homepage is not real simple at all)

craft magazine (hmmm. overpriced, but maybe awesome)

aaand one called boho. i would be lying if i said i wasn't a little ashamed that i got suckered by it, especially because i am such a walking, talking advertizement for stuff white people like. but it had such pretty paper...

i tried to buy lucky, but it confirmed what i've suspected for a while: no matter how progressive, no matter how exciting, no matter how fun, i really don't like fashion magazines anymore. i still LOVE fashion and take an almost fanatical interest in how i look.

but i have so much more fun creating looks with what's available on the ground, and i think that other categories of magazine are better inspiration in terms of shapes, colors, textures to juxtapose. fashion magazines feel like the children's abridged classics series of design: totally dumbed down.

hmm... maybe since writing my thesis (on dress and identity in sex and the city), i need more of a challenge. the fashion magazines, at the end of the day, all felt the same to me.

p.s. this past weekend was the first one since i moved to boston on june 13th that i haven't had to look for any kind of housing. absurd, but true. it was such a relief! i went to a lovely italian market in watertown, had friends over for a vat of sangria, unpacked my clothing and other than that, did absolutely shit. it felt so great!

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