Sunday, February 1, 2009

i've been away

for a while. but this doesn't mean my house is languishing! lots of exciting things in the pipeline; here is a quick teaser of a project i'm working on now - jewelry shadowboxes courtesy of design*sponge!

this is my jewelry. it has been living in a small magenta pencil case for far, far too long now, and while i am unlikely to wear earrings while my ears still have a chance to freeze outside, i really enjoy the style of everything i own, and it's much more cohesive than i thought it was. i left a lot of stuff i don't wear anymore in tampa when i moved, so that could be a part of it (although now that i have space to store it, it might be very nice to bring some back with me next time i visit). these will hang in rows of three over the dresser that i don't yet have. i want something simple and danish-esque, like


or this.

it needs to be relatively small (no more than 56 inches across or i won't be able to comfortably access my closet - even with the door removed), and i'm not mentally prepared to pay more than $50 or so for it. i'm keeping my eyes peeled; craigslist seems to be on the edge of a major upswing. for example:

this is being sold for $75. which is a monster deal. and it is a cool, petite 41 inches across. however, i don't have $75 right now, so i am not sure how i am going to avoid being the shady craigslist person who asks for price and dimensions and then doesn't respond to the email. perhaps i will email her back during the day wednesday (strategic, as wednesday might as well be friday as far as planning is concerned - is this how people plan dates?) and see if it is still available.

back to the jewelry for a second: a quick word to the wise when attempting this shadowbox project. you may rap on the clear front of the ikea bas shadowbox, and you may think "hmmm. it's pretty inconvenient that this plastic is built in as a part of the box and doesn't slide easily in and out. still, it should be pretty easy to give it a smart tap with a hammer and take the pieces out."

imagine your surprise, then, when the plastic turns out to be glass. (caution, is all i am saying.)

other house news is mainly all about getting more settled. i'm writing this on a break from intensively cleaning, and when i'm doing i'll go right back to the final stuff: cleaning mirrors and scrubbing sinks and bathtubs, wiping down desks and windowsills and countertops, sweeping and finally using this fancy wood mopper/polisher thing i got at target. (method, you warm the wee cockles of my heart.) i have been traveling a lot recently, it seems; thanksgiving in florida was followed by three weeks here, then a week in vermont; that was followed by three weeks here, then a week in dc for the inauguration.

i've been back for a little over a week, and it seems (not including a potential valentine's weekend in quebec city) that i'll be hanging around for a while this time. new news to be on the lookout for when my posting schedule stabilizes:

- complete rearrangement of bedroom (pieces sold, pieces bought, layout changed entirely)
- sectional soon to be no more! i have a new couch (and cozy kitchen chair) waiting in the wings at eliza's house across the hall. more on the why of that later
- desk chair on the auction block
- prowling for a new monster hutch

right now my home is like a boy in short pants. (nowhere is this illustrated more beautifully than the bathtub, which is an elegantly flat clawfoot tub with an internal liner, but no billowing, lovely, entirely decorative outer curtain.) i think the time of adolescence is drawing near, though; in the next few months, keep an eye out for its hems to start to reach towards the floor.