Sunday, March 8, 2009

animal dreams

so sporadic (for shame)! here are some snippets from my house, since apparently coherent thought on same fails me when it comes time to blog. a tableau of the ways in which animals creep in even though i can't have pets, followed by an introduction to my new entryway table.

sometimes you need a peace dove to hold your stirring spoon. that is all i'm saying. one of my cherished finds from sarasota bargain barn.

first elephant: one of my favorite teapots, and one of the only ones i kept when i consolidated my collection. this teapot was purchased in portugal last spring, and was first used when luis and i had our long bilateral peace talks. but i THINK i may have mixed up the two pots in my luggage, meaning the actual pot used in the process is now living with anna in asheville. this is probably okay.

the "backsplash" to my hutch - also known as a pair of ikea trays that unite senhor elephant and senhora peace dove pretty nicely!

who keeps your feet warm? because mine are protected by fabulous elephant monkey slippers. (editor's note: oops! elephants on the brain.) note in rest of image: fabulous shag rug, bright yellow leg of the couch i still need to sell, csail duffel bag waiting to be packed for gym tomorrow, water glass on the ground because i still don't have a coffee table.

final elephant; this guy holds quarters for laundry and i got him when i was in sarasota this past thanksgiving. currently he is running on nearly empty - time to buy another roll. also, does anyone know what sort of metal this is? i think it is tarnished and should be a gold-ish color if it were properly shined, but i don't know what products to use to clean it.

my two vases: the whale and the chickadee. currently empty because working all afternoon today means that i never made it to the grocery store - alas!

my new man: a scruffed up grunow teledial potentially dating from about 1937. it needs new knobs and some serious love to the peeling veneer top:

to say nothing of a new faceplate. from looking at pictures of old ones, they were VERY grand; a glass plated front and the gold foil obviously all in one piece. i may chip off the rest of the veneer on top and cover it with some pretty wallpaper?

it's going to be a resting place for, among other things, my first piece of milk glass (purchased in the same shopping trip), and a vase and a place to hold keys and organize stuff. since that was the only big thing i needed for my entryway, i'm in the mood to paint it a dark turquoise next weekend, start scouting for hooks, hang the asker pods i've been saving for its organization and get things into gear!


Anonymous said...

(I'm failing pretty badly at blogging too)

Love the animals though! And what is a teledial? I suppose I could google it...
One minor point - your elephant slippers look curiously like monkeys to me. Hm?

adwoa said...

a teledial is an old radio! for TEN DOLLARS!! and it might actually work, which is even more exhilerating.