Tuesday, April 21, 2009

what we have ahead of us

so i have been away for a while, it is true. part of this is due to travel; i was in portugal for a couple of weeks, home for a couple of weeks, bounced back out to florida, where i am now. my friends ray and pete had a BEAUTIFUL hippie wedding this past saturday, and i have another wedding coming up saturday (my sister's, for which i am both maid of honor and wedding planner/designer).

HOWEVS, i am coming home monday night, whereupon shit is getting serious. i'm starting my first cleanse that day, and i'm also starting the eight week cure. i have been a bit sporadic with updates to this blog at least partially because i've been a bit sporadic with updates to my home. but: i am committed. i have the money (due to a serendipitous combination of a fat tax return and the fact that the month of may has FIVE pay periods in it instead of four. XO!), and i have the time - because after all of this jetsetting i am chained to my desk until about december.

brimfield is also in may, and moveout day and all the free furniture that that entails, along with the knowledge that it is finally spring again and i'm no longer deeply depressed. i finally have the energy to tackle this. i'm out of step with the official apartment therapy cure, because i think i was in ireland when that one started.

so this blog is going to have to be where i detail my struggle and labor, post in desperation and triumph, and hope to get the encouragement and inspiration to keep going. big mountain to climb in my future, huh? but eight weeks from monday i will have a finished home. the goal, among other things? coffee table at last.

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