Sunday, November 2, 2008

smatterings: a teaser

my bedroom - which is somehow managing to look bohemian rather than merely neglected.

leaving the bedroom, entering the entryway

the bathroom looks dark and shady here, but is actually quite refreshing

this is my desk, with an ikea chair blocking it. more in-depth photos of it later (like when it's actually organized). the mounds of purple and cream paper are for my sister's wedding invitations

ignore the fact that all the boxes and the illest bookcase ever have been piled into the kitchen for this photo (a dramatic reenactment);

this is what i meant by sitting with my back to an empty room

my lovely kitchen hutch

and not so lovely kitchen cabinets


i will be unpacking later today, hopefully, and putting up my new light fixture. pictures of that, as well as the illest bookcase ever, later on. for now:

this is where we start.

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Keyse said...

Looking good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!