Monday, June 16, 2008


i've arrived in boston! i got here friday and am currently housesitting/couchsurfing in somerville.

it's extremely strange, and slightly unsettling, for me to see all of my stuff spread around a stranger's house; as i'm typing this (from my computer, which has colonized natalie's coffee table), i'm looking over the edge of the screen at my massage table, which holds my discarded husk of an interview suit. it's propped against my suitcase, which is more properly a massive green duffel bag that is currently messing with my head.

i am perfectly capable, or was, of filling that bag to bursting and then taking it with me places along with other suitcases. this time, i kept piling things into it, and managed to put in every shoe, undergarment, and article of clothing i own - and there was still space. i felt like mary poppins; had i been filling it on top of a table, i'd've been deeply suspicious.

the apartment search is on in full force; i'm trying to brave the grey skies of a boston june and psych myself up to go view an apartment in a part of town that is cute, but much too far away from all that is holy. i fell in love with inman square on saturday night, and i have a friend looking into leads for me there. once i can find a place, the three boxes i somehow managed to pack the best and the brightest of my life into can be shipped to me, and i can get started: at work, with this project, with my life.

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